Become a part of the solution

Join our team to empower teens who are at risk of becoming involved with the Juvenile Justice System by sharing the beneficial tools of yoga and mindfulness. Share Y.O.G.A. for Youth's data-proven curriculum by providing culturally accessible and trauma responsive yoga/mindfulness classes.

Our Staff

Our amazing staff combines their unique strengths and years of training with methods of trauma-sensitivity, student engagement, and social/emotional awareness to guide the youth we serve. Our staff does this with care, dedication, and commitment to our most precious youth. YFYNO teachers follow a proven yoga curriculum within a ten-week framework.

We are trauma-informed trained, and participate in workshops and trainings to learn from and contribute to the vital dialogue about race and equity in New Orleans. We know that every child is different and with that intention, we are striving to grow diversity of every kind within our team of teachers. 

For Organizations Serving Youth  

We provide your organization and your youth with yoga and mindfullness classes for your youth, staff, and families that suit your specific needs. We listen to design a yoga curriculum that works for you, informed by your feedback and our years of experience   

  • Working with you to develop resilience in teens, staff, and families.

  • Putting child safety first - we always lead classes with two adults, using a trauma-sensitive approach.

  • We offer parents and staff, yoga classes and trauma-informed training, so that they can apply the principles of yoga to their lives and the lives of the teens they impact.


Who is Eligible

  • Juvenile detention centers

  • Juvenile transition centers

  • Community centers

  • Non-profits

  • Group homes

  • Alternative Schools

  • Any community of spiritual practice in need: churches, synagogues, temples etc.

For Volunteers  

Become a partner of Y.O.G.A. for Youth New Orleans to help us provide the teens in your community with the beneficial tools of yoga and mindfulness. We need your help with:

  • Staffing and planning events and our fundraiser

  • Providing strong culturally reflective role models in classes

  • Administrative tasks


We Welcome 

  • All who are called to support our youth who are engaged with the juvenile Justice system in Louisiana

  • Organizations who would like to join forces at our events

  • Inquiries about how you can help

For Organizations, Professionals, and our Staff

Our trainings help guide you or your team in developing tools that will assist you in translating yogic principles into teachings that youth engage with and use to improve their daily lives. We offer professional development for those wanting to serve youth learning yoga and meditation as teachers and assistants. We also hire certified yoga teachers and (non-certified) assistants who are called to this work. We offer trainings:

  • Trauma-informed Training

  • Youth Yoga training

  • Equity Training

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Who is Eligible

  • All yoga teachers from any discipline

  • Counselors, Therapists, and Social Workers

  • Youth Mentors

  • Youth working toward yoga certification

  • Parents, teachers, & school aides

  • Youth-oriented volunteers & supporters